Compostable Corn Starch Products

If you are looking for a 100 % compostable and 100% bio-degradable products you are on the right plateform. We are providing all kind of compostable Tableware, cutlery  and 100% Compostable Carry Bags.

Our products list-

  • 6 inch round plate.
  • 7 inch round plate.
  • 8 inch squire plate.
  • 10 inch round plate.
  • 10/3 round plate.
  • 12 inch round plate.
  • Round plate 12 inch 4 cp.
  • 1000 ml clamshell box.
  • 600 ml clamshell box.
  • 750 ml food box with lid.
  • 450 ml hamburger box.
  • 3 compartment tray.
  • 340 ml bowl.
  • 240 ml bowl.
  • 180 ml bowl.
  • 270 ml icecream bowl.
  • 6 inch squire plate.
  • Squire bowl.
  • 220 ml cup.
  • 250 ml cup.
  • 5 compartment tray with lid.

These are our one of the best products for all kind of whole sellers and retailers.

Benefits of Compostable Products ( Bio-plastic )-

  • Reduced CO2 emissions- One metric ton of bio-plastics generated between 0.8 and 3.2 fever metric tons of carbon dioxide than one metric ton of petroleum-based.


  • Waste- Bio Plastic- It reduce the amount of toxic run-off generated by the oil-based alternatives.
  • Benefit to rural economy- Price of corps, such as maize, have risen sharply in the wake of global interest in the production of bio-fuels and bio-plastics, as countries across the world look for alternatives to oil to safeguard the environment and for attaining energy security.
  • Degrade- These products are 100% degradable within 180 days plastic will be degradable and becomes in compost. It is one of the best benefit of this product.
  • Allowed by Government- Compostable products are 100% allowed by government. These kind of products are not banned in the market.
  • Social benefits- By using bio-plastic food packaging products you can increase your business by approaching lot of consumers concerned about the impact consumption has on the environment.
  • Financial benefits- If you are started your business with compostable packaging you are using right products however it is new for you in the market but it is financial friendly and 100% allowed by government.
  • Environmental benefits- These products are specially made for present environment because our environment has become very danger. You will reduce the amount of carbon your business uses, you will divert more of your waste away from environmentally- damaging landfill. So it is also environmental friendly products.

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